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Sharon and Joe-
A big thank you. Wanted to let you both know how we appreciate the way you both went out of your way to give me excellent customer service and secure this lovely Holyoke rental.
Very excited!
Peter Thieme - New Holyoke Tenant

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I understand that all application fees are not refundable. The 60% commission shall be refunded if this application is not accepted by the owner, Lessor or Agent. Once accepted, First Month's Rent may be due as a deposit. All rents are due and payable on the first day of each month in advance. I hereby waive all rights to the return of the commission and will forfeit the same as liquidated damages in the event I decide not to enter into the leasing agreement applied for herein.

Pursuant to the Fair Housing Law, the lessor or lessor agent shall not refuse to rent a unit to any person because of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap, or familial status, nor discriminate in the terms offered or services rendered.

RELEASE: In consideration for being permitted to apply for this apartment, I, the applicant do represent all information on this application to be true and accurate and that owner/agent may rely on this information when investigating and accepting this application. I hereby authorize the owner/agent to make independent investigations to determine my credit, financial, criminal check and character standing. I authorize any person, or credit checking agency having any information on me to release any and all such information to the owner or their agent or credit checking agencies. I hereby release, remise and forever discharge from any action whatsoever, in law and equity, all owners, managers, employees and/or agents, both of Landlord and their credit checking agencies in connection with processing, investigating, or credit checking this application, and will hold them harmless from any suit or reprisal whatsoever. I declare that a photocopy of my signature shall be as valid and the original.